「MAMMOTH DISPLAY RACK SYSTEM CO., LTD.」is a professional manufacturer of POP Displays & Fixtures , meanwhile we are also produce furniture and metal product. We accept all customized products.

We've been in production of display brands internationally with more than a decade of experience and have very high quality internationally as well. At the same time we also check for any mistakes regardless of how minor it may be. We're all professionals with very high level skills. From production to exportation and achieve all customers concerns with price, quality, delivery time. This allows us to be higher than other international competitors around the world.

We are good at manufactured with using variety of materials to make customize display rack and furniture. With stainless steel, iron, lumber, acrylic, plastic, paper, metal wires, aluminum, glass, etc... to use as our original based materials and with high quality create all kinds of display racks and furniture. We can accomplish anything the customers request on for the display racks, any kind of metal products, metal and/or wooden furniture, shelves and/or cupboards, and television shelves etc... Main production: Metal display shelves, wooden shelves, glass shelves, acrylic shelves, metal wired shelves, and mixed materials display shelves. Can be used in supermarkets, book stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, pharmacist, grocery store, warehouses, factories, and home etc...

Not only can we work on getting better quality and enterprise for our display shelves and popularity but we can also broadcast our products specialty and allows your company's products to have an exponential growth rate on your sells. We always strive to grow and become better we also provide professional skills with pleasant experiences with firm product quality with reasonable prices and respect what you find important. From our original production and manufacturing to packaging and exporting we also keep our customer service to its highest quality possible and guarantee our high quality products to satisfy all of our customers requests. We will always keep our high quality products for all of our customers and give our best customer service and products quality so we look forward to be the next raising stars internationally.

We can create our display racks / furniture according to the customers diagram and/or request and create the new metal product. Accept the original brand factory and trust that we can create it according to OEM standards we can also accept small orders. Welcome all national and international trade with other franchises, dealers, designers, to discuss our cooperation we look forward to building up a good business relationship with you and always welcome all experts to come to offer their options or give us advice and discover new and more modals for customized products. We sincerely hope we have a chance to serve you we hope to always insist in diversified service and more ways to run our company. Our employers are waiting for every opportunity to be able to serve you in any way possible. Thank you.